KidzAudio Music Box

The mobile children’s speaker with built-in microphone for children aged 3 and over.


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The mobile Children’s speaker
with built-in microphone

The KidzAudio MUSIC BOX is a speaker system for children aged 3 and over. It offers the simplest control, natural listening pleasure and even has an integrated microphone. This makes it easy to record and play voices, sounds or musical instruments. The individual components are each made from robust and sustainable materials. Thanks to the integrated and replaceable battery, the MUSIC BOX can also be used on the go, e.g. on vacation (battery life up to 8 hours).

The audio source is either a freely recordable USB stick or an external source (e.g. smartphone), which can be connected via Bluetooth®. You don’t need subscriptions, clouds, apps or similar, but create playlists with your own MP3 content – without any additional follow-up costs. The built-in sleep function turns the MUSIC BOX into a sleep timer, e.g. by gradually turning down the volume for 30 minutes before the box finally switches off completely. The speaker system is completely childproof: the solid bamboo housing has been treated with natural linseed oil and the handle is made of food-safe silicone. There is no mains voltage in the loudspeaker housing.

The MUSIC BOX opens up a wide range of opportunities for your children to experience and create their own audio content. We hope you enjoy it.

Intuitive controls

The MUSIC BOX is very easy and intuitive to use. The clearly designed control panel has colored buttons and clearly recognizable symbols for the individual functions. Music, audio books, recordings or other audio sources can each be selected with their own button.

Click on the buttons in the picture to see what they are for!

Click on the buttons in the picture to see what they are for!

Play button for music

Play button for audio books

Playback button for recordings

Activation of sleep function and Bluetooth



Previous title

Next title

On/off switch and volume control

Status LED


Volume limiter and sleep

To protect children’s ears and parents’ nerves, the maximum volume of the MUSIC BOX can be limited. When the sleep function is activated, the speaker gradually reduces the playback volume over a period of 30 minutes and the MUSIC BOX finally goes completely silent – good night!

Material and cabinet

The cabinet of the box is made from sustainable and robust bamboo, which is treated with linseed oil. The replaceable handle is made of food-safe silicone. We only use harmless and non-toxic materials.

On the road and at home

The speaker can be operated both via the integrated, replaceable rechargeable battery (approx. 8 hours operating time) and via mains operation. This means that the MUSIC BOX can also be used on the move and can easily be taken on vacation or to grandma and grandpa’s house, for example.

Microphone recordings

The child can use the built-in microphone to record their own voice, singing or musical instruments – there are no limits to their creativity! Each individual recording is saved in MP3 format and can be played back at any time.

Note: A USB stick with the “recordings” directory is required for the recording function. The MUSIC BOX stores the microphone recordings in this directory in MP3 format.

The headphone input and charging port are located on the back of the device, while the battery, volume limiter and USB port are safely housed inside the casing.

Audio content

The MUSIC BOX can play all content in MP3 format (music, audio books, etc.). Simply save the audio content on a standard USB stick. Alternatively, you can also stream from your smartphone via Bluetooth® or listen via headphones. The system is therefore very versatile. You don’t need any subscriptions or apps and are free to decide which content to play.

Technical data

Additional information


Output power

Connection type

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Li-Ion 3.7V, 2,200 mAh – Power supply: USB 5V, approx. 2A

Operating modes

Battery and USB-C power operation


Choice of source, Folder and title selection, Maximum volume limiter, Pause, Recording, Sleep function, Volume